ALFRED REINDL –WORLD-CLASS SOCCER ACROBAT Alfred Reindl is one of the exceptional stars on the international soccer stage. Although he doesn´t play for any team, he can be sure of reaping applause whenever he appears in soccer stadia the whole world over.

Alfred Reindl is a soccer acrobat, and a world-class one at that. It all began just as with many millions of other soccer players – at the age of seven he joined the youth team of BSC Oberhausen in Bavaria/Germany.

Even way back then, he was always one step ahead of his team-mates when it came to playing the ball. Every day he used the garage door at his parent´s home to practise new ball tricks. At the age of 15 he left the team, to develop his own style of soccer. Although gaining his high-school diploma and a business qualification took up a lot of time, the ambitious athlete trained with the ball daily.

Nowadays Alfred Reindl practise two hours each day and is constantly on the look-out for spectacular tricks, like his new nack-trick with a pirouette, sit-ups with the ball on his head, the multiple nack-trick, press-ups with the ball on the back and and one of his highlights he demonstrate 150 headers in only 30 seconds, which is 5 times a second, an absolute world record.

These world-wide-unique soccer-tricks he demonstrated during the last four Soccer-World-Cups, 1990 in Italy, 1994 in the USA, 1998 in France and 2006 in Germany and also during the last five Soccer-European-Championships, where he also fascinated superstars like Diego Maradona, Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini.

In addition he demonstrated his soocer-show in numerous television-shows, sportgalas and sport-press-festivals.

Alfred Reindl is now directing his gaze further to the the Soccer-World-Championships 2018 in Russia, where he will once again delight huge audiences with his unique soccer-show.

Chronological Plan For Alfred Reindl´s Soccer Show

1. Announcement according to the englisch press-info (parts of it)

2. Demonstration with backround-music of his show (duration about 5 minutes)

3. Interviewquestions: In which way you become an professional Soccer – juggler?

a) Who long do you train daily?
b) Wich famous soccer players you meet?
c) Where is your world-record in heading the ball
d) Which sporting ambitions you have for the future?

4.competition Juggle with players or soccer-children. (3-5 persons)

5. Demonstration of the world-record in heading the ball, 150 headers in 30 seconds!